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Belgian Health Minister Desires People to Work From Home Amid Coasts

Belgian health minister urges people to work from home amid COVID surge

Belgian Health Minister Desires People to Work From Home Amid Coasts

Belgian Health Minister Hippolite van der Lac’s comments regarding the impact of the global economic crisis has caused a stir in the country. In her statement she highlighted that people should take responsibility for their own welfare. She also said that working from home is a luxury and an alternative which could help reduce the pressure on public services. In a time when recession cuts across the board, it’s not surprising that she made these comments. However, the health minister has been compared favourably with US President Barack Obama, both in their views regarding the state of the economy, and in their philosophies regarding personal responsibility.

The first thing to note about Mr Obama’s comments on the crisis is that he stresses that families should take responsibility for their own health. This may seem a strange stance for someone who has been criticized for going on holiday and not working. However, both men stress that working from home is still an option if you have the motivation, determination and the proper resources. This includes taking regular exercise, eating the right foods, quitting smoking and making other lifestyle changes.

The Belgian health minister is no stranger to hard work either. She has previously spoken about the perils involved in commuting, and how people suffer due to unrealistic targets set by employers. If you look at her past records then you will be able to see that she has a very tough job in front of her. She has the difficult task of trying to keep the health service and social care systems afloat, while at the same time ensuring that workers continue to get paid and have security of employment. It is clear that she wants to make sure that people get the benefits they deserve, and she is doing an excellent job of it.

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A recent study revealed that there are some 30% more nurses who are working from home in Belgium than there were ten years ago. In fact the number of people working in this field has also been increasing fast, which only goes to show that the need for such professions is great. The health ministry is also supporting this trend by setting up schemes to help people who wish to start a new career or improve on their current one.

The Belgian health minister is also keen to see more women taking part in the workforce. Women usually enter into lower-paying jobs, but this does not mean that they should stop looking for higher-paid roles. They simply need to take the initiative and pursue their dreams. Setting up a small business or going back to school to further their education is also a good option, provided it helps them find a better paying job in the future.

One thing is certain. There is no shortage of work in this sector. There is also a growth in the number of people starting up their own business and setting up more outlets. This can only be good news for everyone.

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