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Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate May Reduce Weight

Dark chocolate has many proven health benefits. This is the good kind, as in most of the available forms of chocolate that are derived from plants. Although cocoa from the cocoa tree is almost pure, there are still measurable amounts of flavanols and other compounds that give the product its dark color. Some of the flavanols, like those found in tea and wine, can actually enter the bloodstream and exert their actions on human health.

Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Among the many flavanols that benefit human health, flavanols that are found in dark chocolate have been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack. Flavanols also act as an anti-inflammatory, which can help to relieve pain, prevent headaches and aid in muscle and joint conditioning. Flavanols are even being studied as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Even though you might be eating dark chocolate on occasion, you probably don’t get enough of this healthy nutrient every day. The problem is that most people eat too much fast food and other foods that are loaded with saturated fat, sugar and chemicals. They do not get enough of these “good fats” every day. You need to consume dark chocolate to get the benefits of flavanols, but you should make it a part of your regular diet rather than a snack or after dinner treat. There is evidence that eating chocolate daily lowers your cholesterol and improves your blood flow, which means that it may also be good for your heart.

Dark chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants compared to most other types of food. In fact, the most antioxidant of all is found in grape skins, which contain a relatively small amount of antioxidants. But the really great news is that eating dark chocolate on a regular basis will provide your body with a great source of these powerful antioxidants. flavanols are powerful free radicals that have been shown to help fight off cancer cells and keep other diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease at bay.

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There are other ways in which dark chocolate is beneficial to your health as well, including boosting your immune system and lowering your blood pressure. It has also been scientifically proven to lower cholesterol and help keep other chronic diseases like asthma and heart disease at bay. The main factor is that flavanols help reduce inflammation in the body, which is what leads to such serious health problems as heart disease. They also reduce the buildup of plaque in your arteries that can cause hardening and blockage.

There are other potential benefits of dark chocolate that researchers are studying. One study that was conducted in Japan looked at the effect of flavanols on mice. It was found that their mice appeared to be less prone to diabetes and obesity. This was an interesting result, but more studies need to be conducted in order to definitively prove if dark chocolate may actually have a beneficial effect in helping you lose weight.

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